Network Management

Accomplish preset business goals, objectives as well as consistent network uptime and performance by getting the services of experienced engineers at Infotech Intelligence and state of the art networking equipment.

System Monitoring

Acquire full control and visibility over performance, functionality, availability, and capability of your entire IT infrastructure. Gain all the important information holistically.

Data Backup and Restore

Guard against unexpected loss of functionality and ensure business continuity by establishing a comprehensive backup and restore strategy to secure, backup, and when necessary restore vital business data.

Remote DBA services

DBA management can be obstructive and very demanding. If you require an elegant remote DBA management service to handle all the hard work and be at your beck and call at all times, do yourself a favor and contact us today.


Infotech Intelligence has been an industry-leading providing of premium technical management services to several companies for over a decade. We are able to deliver top-notched services in areas that include dedicated technical support, high availability and high-load project implementation, IT infrastructure management, and server management.

Infotech Intelligence handle each client’s needs uniquely. Our engineers are veritable team players that seamlessly work with companies to isolate real business threats and opportunities. This forms the ground step for developing and implementing customized systems and tested solutions to help our clients increase the productivity and efficiency of their business as well as achieve set business goals and objectives.